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Despite SPS's Public Relations campaign, they CANNOT cover-up their INCOMPETENCE

Let's be very clear: Dr. Lucero is a lovely person. Amy Beldotti is from a family with deep ties to Stamford and everyone we know thinks she is a nice person.

This does not make them qualified to run our schools.

Have you signed the petition to END Dr. Lucero's contract?

Attempting to rewrite history, Dr. Lucero's administration and their Democratic Town Committee operatives such as Board of Education member, Jackie Heftmen, have been on a Public Relations campaign the last few weeks.

In her April 26th opinion piece about the BOE's partnership with Board of Finance on the budget, Heftmen concluded by writing: "We have a lot to be proud of in our schools. Under Dr. Lucero’s leadership we are seeing improvements in achievement, greater operational efficiencies, and stronger partnerships with community organizations that enrich and extend our student’s learning beyond the classroom. We are headed in the right direction."

Apparently, Mrs. Heftmen thinks if she writes something down it becomes true. The fact is achievement has not improved - THE DATA ARE CLEAR:

  • Graduation rates began trending downward in 2016 from 94.1% to 85.4% in 2022

  • Math and Reading scores were stagnant before the pandemic and are now at 32% and 40% respectively

On April 16th, Associated Superintendent Amy Beldotti penned a piece titled "Curriculum is Strong" in which she claims "Stamford Public Schools have always had curriculum" despite only a few paragraphs before admitting that only 20% of classrooms indeed had curriculum. Beldotti tried to obfuscate this admission by saying only 20% met the "gold standard," but the reporting in the Advocate and the CT Examiner, as well as confirmation from leadership at the Stamford Educators Association, dispute this claim - TEACHERS DO NOT HAVE CURRICULUM!

Dr. Lucero and Amy Beldotti claim that by the start of the 2023-24 school year 65% of classrooms will have "gold standard" written curricula. In an interaction with SPS on their official facebook page, one of our co-founders, Stephanie Edmonds, asked them to link her to this supposed "gold standard" curriculum that was developed last summer. They have yet to respond.

We haven't even begun to get into what they've done to our libraries!

In an effort to bring transparency to the process, SPU has requested a meeting with Amy Beldotti to review the curriculum in the schools now and what is supposed to be coming in the future. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, we encourage you to check out these events in the community and keep asking questions!

Tuesday, May 2nd

Dr. Tamu Lucero will be presenting her "Vision 2025" to the BOE

Monday, May 15th

Screening of "The Right To Read" followed by a panel discussion including Dr. Tamu Lucero

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