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Is Dr. Lucero worth $427,021.28 per year?

Updated: May 26, 2023

Why are we paying a person nearly half a million dollars to graduate students who CAN'T read, write, or do basic math?

The current 8th grade proficiency rates are 60% for reading & 32% for math.

The BOE votes on Dr. Lucero's contract on June 27th.

Lucero has been in a top leadership position in the district since 2013 (she came in making about $209,000 and has gotten over a 90% raise while graduation rates dropped 10% and proficiency rates in math and reading nosedived).

Read a full review of Dr. Lucero's resume & qualifications:

Can the student and families in Stamford afford another decade of stagnation?

Dr. Lucero is responsible for the instruction (or lack thereof) that takes place in the classroom. She is the leader and that is what a leader does - they take ultimate responsibility for failures or successes. Our district is failing and as the leader of the district it is her fault. Full stop.

For those saying we don't have the time or money to search, Bridgeport had 19 applicants and 9 were high deemed highly qualified. Let's stop making up excuses and take responsibility for our schools. We need a new leader. Take action and make it happen:

2) email the BOE (emails listed here)

3) run for school board - please email us if you are interested!

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