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Prep for PUBLIC COMMENT at next BOE mtg: 1/24

Hello SPU!

Thank you for taking action and reaching out to the Board of Representatives to let them know why you support Jackie Pioli for the open BOE seat. As a result, Jackie Pioli won the appointment committee vote 8-1 over Jennienne Burke. However, our work is not yet done. On February 6th, the full Board of Reps will meet to vote on her appointment. We will be reaching out later this week with follow up steps on this matter.

Right now, we have to prepare for the Board of Education meeting this Tuesday evening.

We are asking that you send an e-mail to the BOE AND sign up to speak during the public comment session on the issues listed below.

Sign-up to speak:

#1 Say NO to the proposed 2022-23 calendar with 4 NEW holidays.

On January 10th the BOE Labor Committee met, discussed, and unanimously approved 5-0 (watch the vote here at minute 43) the proposed calendar for next year: Resolution 04 - School Calendar.pdf - Google Drive

  • This calendar includes NEW holidays: Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the same day as Columbus Day, Diwali, Three Kings Day, both Eids.

  • In 2023-24 this calendar does not extend the school year because many of the holidays fall on weekends; in 2024-25 most of the holidays will fall during the week and as the board members discuss in their meeting, this will cause an issue.

  • It is on the agenda for the full BOE to vote on at the 1/24 meeting

SPU’s position:

  • We do not believe Stamford Public Schools needs to amend the school calendar

  • The criteria for adding a religious holiday to the calendar should be based on the practical matter of running our school. Do we have enough students and teachers to run the school on that day? The answer for all of the proposed holidays is, yes. If individual families want to remove their child for, they should be granted an excused absence and offered time to make up their assignments.

  • Columbus Day has been a national holiday since 1892. Indigenous Peoples’ Day has been used as a political tool to discredit the great history of our United States of America. It should not be placed on the same day as the long-established Christopher Columbus holiday.

  • This calendar is another example of the use of identity politics to hijack our school board and distract them from their number one responsibility - educating our students. Once these holidays are on the calendar, you cannot simply eliminate them the next year.






#2 SUPPORT amendment to DEI Policy to protect PARENTAL RIGHTS

There are many concerning aspects of SPS's DEI Policy, one of which is the language suggesting that schools have the right to hide information and keep secrets about a students gender identity.

  • The board is taking corrective action to reaffirm the parental right to know ALL information about their student, including any struggles with their gender identity.

SPU’s position:

  • We fully support this change.

  • Student rights are inherently tied to parental rights. If parental rights are violated, student rights are violated. We urge the board to continue to revise the DEI policy to ensure that parental rights and therefore, student rights, are protected.

  • We believe the board should focus ALL of their attention on the academic success of our students NOT on issues such as gender, gender identity, sexuality - these topics are within the FAMILY DOMAIN.

#3 Express your support for JACKIE PIOLI

  • She is a free thinker and puts the students and families of Stamford before Democrat Party Politics.

  • She knows the system, in particular the special education system, by profession and will bring that important knowledge, which is currently lacking to the board.

  • She will ask the HARD questions and hold the administration accountable.

Thank you for taking action to advocate for excellence in our schools for all students!


Stephanie Edmonds

Co-founder of SPU

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