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sign-up for PUBLIC COMMENT at 2/23 SPECIAL budget meeting


of the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars

3.98% increase

from last year

If this budget passes, the tax-payers of Stamford

will see an increase in their tax bill.


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*See below for our suggested talking points*


This budget covers 2,069 different positions that service over

16,000 students and earns those students an average of a 32% proficiency rate in math and a 40% proficiency rate in reading.


per general education student


per special education student

Do you think you could provide your child with a better education, if the state allocated that money directly to you?




In 18 months, when our ESSR funds dry up,

we will face an $8.8 million fiscal cliff.


SPU's Proposal

Act now to cut the budget by 1.4% or 4.4 million dollars for a savings of 8.8 million over the next two years to create stability and ensure we don’t lose 120 positions all at once and don't raise taxes for the hard-working families of Stamford. Instead, we can more strategically analyze what we need and how it moves us towards greater academic success for our students.

How can we achieve this?

By streamlining our programming and curricula district wide to empower our teachers and maximize our administrators.

1. There are FREE high-quality curricula, including daily lesson plans aligned to state standards, we can adopt so that all students are learning the same thing across the district and teachers can focus on what they do best - teaching (not staying up late at night to lesson plan).

2. There are already dozens of administrators from central office assistant superintendents, to building principals and assistant principals; there are at least 2 positions with the title “curriculum, instruction, and assessment,” and 2 more that deal with data. What is the job if such positions, if it is not to guide the implementation of new high quality curricula? Whatever they’re doing is NOT working!!! Restructure the personnel we have around the high-quality curricula with measurable student outcomes.

Sign-up for PUBLIC COMMENT by sending an email to

If you want to catch up on the Fiscal Committee check out this blog post with our meeting summary notes and a link to the BOE video:

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