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Special Election: Meet OLGA ANASTOS, the SPU ENDORSED candidate for State Representative, dist. 148

The special election for State Representative in the 148th district will take place on Tuesday, February 28th.

Are you in the 148th district?

Also, check out the Absentee Ballot voter info:

Stamford Parents United has endorsed candidate, Olga Anastos, manager of the iconic downtown business, Curley's Diner.

SPU co-founder Stephanie Edmonds had the opportunity to sit down with Olga recently at a booth in Curley's diner to learn more about why she is running and what she will do as State Representative for the voters of the 148th district. Watch or listen here:

Stamford Parents United has endorsed Olga Anastos because she has made parental rights, transparency in education, and lowering taxes her top priorities. In our interview, Olga shows off her knowledge of the many bills currently being discussed in the statehouse and why she would either support them or oppose them. She also said one of her main goals is to keep the voters of the 148th district informed so that they too can participate in the process and do things like give testimony at hearings in Hartford.

In general, Olga believes the state government is getting too involved in our everyday lives and businesses, which in turn is contributing to the rising cost of living and actually hampering potential reforms to our public schools.

Olga stood up and she won! That is exactly the type of leadership we need in the 148th district. Make sure you get out and vote for Olga Anastos on Tuesday, February 28th. If you're not in the 148, reach out to your friends in Glennbrook and Cove to tell them to get out and vote.

If you would like to join us in door-knocking and phone banking this weekend, please leave a comment or email


We also believe in making sure voters are informed and that each voter has all of the information available to weigh their options, which is why we were grateful that Anabel Figueroa responded to our questions. You can read those here:

Our biggest concern and why we are not supporting Mrs. Figueroa is her position on "equity" and her belief that it is the role of the government to take from some people to give to others in the name of "fairness." We simply do not believe the government is capable of determining what is "fair" and that rather, "equity" is being used as a political tool to drive an anti-family and anti-American agenda. For example, Mrs. Figuero sites one of her goals is to implement a Medicare For All program at the state level. We believe it is self-evident that the government is not capable of providing quality healthcare to every person in the state. Can anyone name a single program that the government has done at scale which provides quality and value for the taxpayers' dollars? Please let us know in the comments if you can think of one.

For these reasons and others, we are not supporting Mrs. Figueroa for State Rep of the 148th district, though we do commend her for her service as a Stamford Rep and greatly respect her over 20 years of dedication to our city.


Get out and VOTE on Tuesday, February 28th

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