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SPU Endorses Reform Stamford Democrats for Boad or Reps in Sept. 12th primary

SPU proudly endorses the coalition of Reform Stamford Democrats that are running for the Board of Representatives in the Democratic Primary.

The Reform Stamford Coalition has consistently shown their willingness to vote in what we believe are the best interests of the people of Stamford rather than along party lines. The Reform Stamford coalition advocated against the extension of Dr. Lucero's contract and have consistently stood up to the undemocratic actions of Mayor Caroline Simmons, including most recently over the revision of the City's Charter in their efforts to implement more processes for including the voice of community members in zoning decisions. Simmons of course would prefer to suppress the voice of the people.

We need representation such as these 4 candidates that are a part of the Reform Stamford Coalition because they will continue to stand up to the Mayor and advocate for the real issues affecting the real people of Stamford.


For more information on the campaigns of these candidates and to make a donation go to their websites:

You can also read their profiles in the Stamford Advocate and find out who their up against.

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