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Want change in SPS? We NEED candidates for the 2023 BOE ELECTIONS

Thank you to everyone who attended our zoom meeting on Thursday evening to discuss what is going on actions we can take to help move our district forward.

The TRUTH of the matter is, this whole thing is POLITICAL.

Advocacy is important and being involved in your child's education on the school level is wonderful, but to achieve the systemic changes this district needs, means we have to beat them in the ballot box in 2023.

If you or someone you know have even a remote interest in running for the Board of Education, please send us an email.

- We have a commitment from several current members of the board in both parties to support the campaign of SPU endorsed candidates.

- SPU has its own set of resources to train candidates and connect them with the funding they need to take on establishment candidates.

- SPU is a non-partisan organization and will support candidates affiliated with any party as long we agree on key issues.

We continue to urge you to take the follow actions:

  1. SIGN & SHARE this petition: Petition · Oppose the new contract for Stamford Public Schools Superintendent ·

  2. Write an email to each of the school board members (emails listed here)

    1. List your major concerns

    2. Ask them to respond by asking a specific question about the metrics by which they are measuring the performance of Dr. Lucro.

    3. We recommend taking the time to send a separate email to each member because emails to the whole board can only be responded to by President Jackie Heftmen.

  3. Write an op-ed: If you are interested, please respond to this email and we will help you get it in one of the local newspapers (

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