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We deserve to know where our school board member stand!

Updated: May 26, 2023

Lucero's contract extension is up for a vote on June 27th and it is unclear where several members of the board currently stand.

How can this be? After Jackie Pioli's appointment, we were supposed to have the votes!

One word: POLITICS.

In the fall several members are up for re-election and it seems they care more about playing political games to vie for the Democrat Party favor than to unequivocally stand up for the children stuck in our failing schools.

We know that Heftmen, George, and Munshi-South are team Lucero all the way (word on the street is that Versha has been creating all of Lucero's recent powerpoint presentations to help her win favor with Vision 2025). We know that Hamman and Pioli are going to vote No to a contract extension.

Why has Josh Esses, a republican who ran on holding Lucero accountable, suddenly gone silent on the issue? Perhaps he has his eye on the Board President's seat and that is worth more than the promises he made to his constituents (or maybe deals to put him in place for Mayor - we all know that is what he really wants).

Why is Fritz Chery refusing to make public statements about Lucero after orchestrating a vote in February he knew wouldn't happen due his basketball coaching commitment? (he pretended he didn't know, but it's very obvious from how things went down that he knew about the conflict beforehand).

Lisa Butler doesn't ever seem to have much to say, which is disappointing given the promises of Excellence in her campaign last fall.

We deserve to know where our school board members stand. We don't deserve these political games.

Jackie Heftmen is 76 years old and will likely vacate the position of board president. All of this smells of dirty politics in a play for the president's seat, rather than putting the kids first.

Or perhaps there is something else going on behind the scenes...

But who would know since our school board, like our school administration, likes to operate behind closed doors with close political allies rather than be responsive to THE PEOPLE who elected them.

We also hear Lucero recently purchased a house in the area (finally!). Let's give her plenty of time to enjoy her new views by reaching out to our BOE members and telling them to VOTE NO!!!!

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